Need to get to Waterloo from Montreal?

Are you worried about moving to Waterloo from Montreal? Our team of professional movers has the experience to help you get your life started in your new home. When you take on a long distance moving job there are additional details you should consider to make sure everything arrives safely. With over 22 years of success with relocating people to Waterloo from Montreal, our movers provide a quality and customer focused approach guaranteed to alleviate your stress.

We will work with you right from the beginning to plan your move to Waterloo from Montreal. This lets us take every precaution necessary to make sure we can get you to Ontario quickly and without complication. It’s important to us that you trust us when moving to Waterloo from Montreal and we promise to respect your privacy. We know that you will be happy with our work as we get your world onto the truck, and off to your new home.

 Multiple moving services

Relocating to a new city comes with plenty to do. Let us take care of you packing, cleaning, moving supplies and anything else to make it easier.

No scheduling concerns

Our drivers are always travelling between Waterloo and Montreal helping people move. We’ve got the resources required to be available whenever you need us.

Dependable Team

We know that when dealing with a moving service reputation is everything. We keep you as our focus so that you can trust us with any moving job your future brings.

The Montreal Movers team knows how to handle a long distance moving job with ease. We have top tier training practices that allow us to maintain a high-quality service when moving to Waterloo from Montreal. We organize the truck with safety in mind, everything will arrive in one piece. Our focus is to keep you stress free as we get your household items over to Waterloo from Montreal. We’ve got the tools and knowledge to stand out amongst any of our competitors.

We know hunting for boxes and dealing with packing can be annoying. It takes a lot of time and there never seems to be enough as the date gets closer. We can take care of more than just moving you to Waterloo from Montreal. We can pack everything for you, then unpack it all at your new home. If you need help with cleaning, then let us know and we’ll make your old place good as new. We want you to know that we can handle your entire move to Waterloo from Montreal, you don’t have to do anything but supervise.

If you are in one of the smaller areas around Waterloo or Montreal, we can definitely be there for you too. It’s no trouble to accommodate multiple locations along your move and we are prepared to manage moving jobs of any size. From families to corporations we provide a consistently great experience to anyone moving to Waterloo from Montreal. After using our services we’re confident we’ll remain your go to movers when future opportunities arise.

We wanted to tell you a little more about Waterloo since it’s quite the distance from Montreal:

  • Many high-tech firms, including Blackberry, have found their home in Waterloo.
  • Investors have found Waterloo to be an excellent location for new opportunities.
  • The University of Waterloo and other facilities have an impressive track record with stimulating growth in the local economy.
  • Waterloo has one of the youngest population averages in Canada.
  • There are many city parks with a multitude of activities in Waterloo.
  • Waterloo is part of the tri-city area also containing Cambridge and Kitchener.
  • The city of Waterloo was named after the location of the famous Napoleon battle.

Below you’ll find some handy links to relieve some of the Googling when you get to Waterloo.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our moving coordinators with any questions you have. We’ll get right to work planning your move.

Request A Free Quote

*Are you moving from an apartment or a house?

*How many bedrooms does it have?


Request A Free Quote

*Are you moving from an apartment or a house?

*How many bedrooms does it have?

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