While moving to Montreal from Burnaby, having the best movers behind you makes a difference

There is plenty to consider when moving to Montreal from Burnaby, especially when compared against a local trip. Our movers have clocked more than twenty years helping families get back and forth across Canada. We have created a detailed preparation process.  This makes sure we take everything into consideration when helping you move to Montreal from Burnaby. We have a good handle on how long it will take and we’ll always keep you in the loop.

Unfortunately, moving to Montreal from Burnaby is going to take a bit of time. We understand this is a stressful period for you and we’ll go out of our way to make sure our we remain respectful. Our movers take a customer service oriented approach to making sure you know they care when moving to Montreal from Burnaby. We take every precaution to keep your items secure throughout their journey. We strive to be a service you’d recommend to a friend.

Solutions to give you more time

We’re also ready to help you with cleaning and packing. Tells us what we’re up against and we’ll come with boxes and supplies. We’re ready to handle any storage requirements.

Long-distance movers you can depend on

We’ve got the resources to easily manage each step of your move to Montreal from Burnaby. We’ll monitor its progression and make sure we arrive when you are expecting us.

Montreal Movers thinks of you first

Rather than telling you how things should happen, we take a listen-first approach. We respond to what you say to create a personalized moving plan that simplifies your life.

Our reputation relies on our ability to provide consistency when moving to Montreal from Burnaby. One bad experience could undo all our efforts. You will only encounter tenured staff who will demonstrate their excellent work ethic. We avoid rookie mistakes when moving to Montreal from Burnaby, this means we can make realistic commitments. Your choice to work with us will result in you having one less concern when thinking of your upcoming relocation. We’ll make sure you benefit from the reward of our streamlined efficiency.

Your privacy is our priority when moving to Montreal from Burnaby. We’ll only use storage facilities that are known to be secure. We can send in the cavalry and help you with packing and cleaning. We’ll have top quality supplies at our disposal that will come to our aid as we move you to Montreal from Burnaby. We’ll take into consideration every factor so that we can take a success-oriented direction avoiding unpleasant surprises. We are trained professionals who value efficiency but remain real people so you feel comfortable around us.

If you are a business, our corporate division specializes in tasks like moving to Montreal from Burnaby. They will stay in contact with your management to let you know our timeline remains on schedule. We’ll calculate the right course of action that minimizes the gap when your operation is without a home. We’re ready to help you plan your move to Montreal from Burnaby. We’ll make sure to accommodate your all your company’s circumstances.

There are plenty of new things you’ll find in Montreal you may not have encountered in Burnaby:

  • From NHL games to major music events, Montreal’s Bell Center is a great arena.
  • There are plenty of underground shops in downtown Montreal to help keep you warm during winter.
  • There are many annual festivals in Montreal, like the Jazz Fest or Just for Laughs.
  • You’ll need to cross a bridge to enter the island of Montreal.
  • Montreal has over 375 years of culture available throughout its diverse boroughs.
  • There are many street markets popping up all over Montreal throughout the year
  • There is an elaborate network of cycling paths in Montreal to encourage eco-friendly travelling.

There are always the main logistical points when moving somewhere like Montreal.

  • Hydro Quebec manages electricity for the residents of Montreal.
  • When in Montreal, you’ll use the STM to get around town without a car.
  • You should bookmark this site of rental regulations for your Montreal dwelling.
  • The Montreal City Hall should be your first stop when looking for available city services.
  • Instead of looking up Montreal internet service provider’s, use this handy summary.

We’ll ask you the right questions to start planning your move. Let us know if there’s anything you’d like to know.

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