Do you have everything you need to move to Montreal from Kitchener?

Montreal Movers has a team of tenured professionals ready to help you out. Our skilled drivers take every precaution so they can safely deliver your possessions to Montreal from Kitchener. Our movers will load up the truck securely while wasting no time. We guarantee that when moving to Montreal from Kitchener, everything will be delivered on time, following the scheduled plan. We have developed a detailed series of processes to ensure your relocation is a success.

It’s around 6 hours to get to Montreal from Kitchener. We recognize that trust is the foundation of what makes a positive moving experience. Our movers will remain respectful and will make sure your privacy remains a priority. We want to establish ourselves as your go to option when moving to Montreal from Kitchener, or anywhere else. We have the resources available to handle any job.

Need extra assistance?

Moving is more than putting boxes onto a truck. We’ve got all the supplies you’ll need as well as a wide range of services including cleaning and packing.

Always at your service

There are many people moving to Montreal from Kitchener these days and our trucks are always on that route. Simply tell us when and we’ll be there.

Adaptable and dependable

We rely heavily on the feedback we receive to look for ways to grow. We believe consumer centrism is the only way to establish a respectable moving experience.

We understand the complexity behind moving to Montreal from Kitchener and will make a point to take the load off your back. Our movers undergo a detailed training process preparing them to manage every step of your relocation. The drivers handling the truck are seasoned vets who have the skills to get your items to Montreal from Kitchener in the same condition they were in when they left. When it comes to long-distance moves you want a company with over two decades of experience supporting you.

Our services cover anything you can think of related to your move. Let us handle the nitty gritty surrounding your move to Montreal from Kitchener. We have boxes and cleaning supplies so you don’t have to rush around at the last minute trying to find them. Our team can handle the packing and unpacking part so you have more freedom to live your life. You can rely on us to make moving to Montreal from Kitchener stress-free and easy.

Our routes go well beyond just Montreal and Kitchener and we accommodate all the surrounding areas. We have a vast network in place to make sure we can handle any size moving job. Whether you are a small family or a corporate office you can count on us to get you to Montreal from Kitchener. Tell us how many stops there are along the way and we’ll optimize our strategy to save you time.

Since you are leaving Kitchener for the island of Montreal, we wanted to tell you a bit more about your destination:

  • Montreal sports fans love The Canadians, The Alouettes and the Impact.
  • If you can think of a culture then Montreal has a restaurant reflecting its cuisine.
  • The Old Port of Montreal has great family friendly entertainment for a fun afternoon.
  • Montreal has multiple free festivals and events throughout the year.
  • Since Montreal is over 375 years old there is a wealth of culture to explore.
  • If you are looking for the “deluxe” flavor for toppings, you’ll need to say “all-dressed” in Montreal.
  • Cyclists in Montreal enjoy the many bike paths available for an alternative commute.

Here’s the new city essentials list for your life in Montreal:

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any more information. Our moving coordinators are standing ready to help you get started.

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