We make sure moving to Montreal from Ottawa is easy and uncomplicated

Before choosing how to manage a job like moving to Montreal from Ottawa, we encourage you to consider every detail. A two-hour distance may not seem like a huge ordeal, but all it takes is one little oversight, and you find yourself tripling that time. You need to go all the way back and then make the trip again when returning to Montreal from Ottawa. Instead of worrying about all the details, let Montreal Movers take care of everything.

Our team has over 20 years of experience learning how to save you time. We’ve helped countless people with moving to Montreal from Ottawa. We’re comfortable navigating both cities and can provide realistic updates on our progress. You want professionals when dealing with the stress of moving to Montreal from Ottawa. We guarantee that your trust in us will be well placed as we manage your relocation.

More than your typical movers

There are boxes, dollies and many other tools and supplies you may need. It rarely feels like you’ll find enough hours in your day for packing and cleaning. Let us deal with all of it.

Our detail oriented planning makes sure we’re punctual

As you can probably guess, preparation is key when moving to Montreal from Ottawa. We’ll make sure everything runs smoothly. We’ll make sure the truck follows your schedule.

Our service is our reputation

We know that we can only make these claims if we live up to our words. We respect you enough to make sure every choice we make is about making things better for you.

One of our most popular routes is moving to Montreal from Ottawa. It’s not the farthest distance, but it still involves changing cities. We’ve solidified our internal processes to take any circumstance into account. You can rely on our tenured drivers who are well acquainted with both locations, this means we can get from point A to Z even quicker. We value efficiency, so we’ll make sure a task like moving to Montreal from Ottawa is only handled by veterans who can work under that kind of pressure. From the moment you get a hold of us to start asking questions, we start preparations to make sure we can exceed your expectations.

We are willing to bet you have something more important to deal with than packing. We wanted to let you know you don’t actually need to worry about moving to Montreal from Ottawa.  We’ve got everything from cleaning supplies to the best equipment available to movers on the market. Not only can we take care of the tedious parts of moving to Montreal from Ottawa, we understand the importance of respect. Your privacy is a top priority to us and we’ll operate within any boundaries you set. At the end of the day, you are the boss.

Based on what you’ve read it may sound like we only deal with families. That certainly isn’t the case and we’ve got an entire team that focuses on helping companies with moving to Montreal from Ottawa. Given the complexity behind the task, we’ll put together a detailed action plan that you can count on. By remaining accountable to our commitments, we can promise that moving to Montreal from Ottawa will be something you don’t need to think about.

Montreal isn’t very far from Ottawa, but it is quite different. We’re excited to share some information about your new home:

  • Montreal loves hockey and watching the Canadians play is something you won’t forget.
  • No matter what time of year, you can catch amazing events like Formula 1 racing in Montreal.
  • The tech sector in Montreal is booming creating many new job opportunities.
  • Montreal has an interconnected underground commercial network that gives you a great way to escape the winter.
  • You’ll find centuries worth of architecture and culture scattered across Montreal.
  • If you are a foodie, Montreal has one of the highest restaurant per capita rates in the world.
  • You’ll need to cross a bridge to get to Montreal, considering it’s an island.

There’s a lot to consider when moving to Montreal and we’ve collected a few key resources for you:

  • You’ll contact Hydro Quebec for getting your electricity turned on in Montreal.
  • If you don’t drive in Montreal, the STM website will fill you in on public transportation information.
  • In Montreal, the rental regulations are set by Quebec and may differ from Ontario.
  • The Montreal City Hall website will keep you informed on a plethora of information.
  • This Montreal internet service provider summary does all the research for you.

We have moving experts ready to start giving you helpful advice about your best course of action. Feel free to call us up whenever you are ready.

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