Allow us to be your team when moving to Montreal from New York City

Our movers understand the intricacies behind a successful experience moving to Montreal from New York City. There is a lot to consider when crossing the border and we know the right approach to take to avoid unnecessary delays. We understand it takes a significant amount of time to move to Montreal from New York City and we’ll work to earn your trust. From the beginning our specialists will plan the steps alongside you, so that we can effectively manage your expectations.

When moving to Montreal from New York City we keep safety in mind. Our drivers are comfortable going long distances and will make sure your possessions arrive in pristine condition. We’ve clocked more than two decades moving to Montreal from New York City and have grown to optimize the process. We acknowledge that you are the priority and our staff will always make sure to offer you their full respect.

Multiple options at your disposal

We can deliver any boxes and cleaning supplies you need. We are able to handle packing and anything else you can think of.

Reliable planning makes a difference

It’s important when moving to Montreal from New York City that we are punctual. Our coordinators are geniuses at making sure we can live up to our commitments.

Customer service is the secret ingredient

As long as we keep you as the priority, we know that you will keep us in mind in the future. We listen to your unique circumstances and will always keep you in mind.

It takes tenured professionals to handle moving to Montreal from New York City without error. We have optimized our training policies to make sure the whole team is up to par. You won’t encounter anyone who is fresh on the job, we make sure that long-distance moves are managed by our best people. You can count on us for efficiency when moving to Montreal from New York City. We have a complete preparation process that lets us accurately figure out the details of your move. We’d rather take a little longer to prepare and make sure we get it done right.

There’s to many tasks behind moving to Montreal from New York City, you don’t need to deal with them alone. With Montreal Movers, you get the complete package. We have all the cleaning supplies and boxes you’ll need to get your stuff out of the old place. We’ll pack the truck up tightly and move everything to Montreal from New York City. Once we’re your possessions arrive safely at your new home, all you need to do is tell us where it goes and we’ll take care of that too.

We have skilled people who specialize in helping corporate clients with moving to Montreal from New York City. We know businesses have special needs and are prepared to provide your establishment with quality assistance. When moving to Montreal from New York City you expect punctuality and we will provide it. You’ll be able to count on us for any future relocations you face.

You’ll be leaving the Big Apple for the beautiful island of Montreal and we wanted to help you get acquainted with your destination:

  • The Montreal Canadians, the local NHL team, is an integral part of local society.
  • The Bell Center hosts a plethora of different events in Montreal.
  • Montreal was home to both the World Fair and the 1976 Olympics.
  • The population of Montreal is extremely diverse creating an open-minded urban experience.
  • Since Montreal is over 375 years old there is plenty of culture to explore.
  • There are more restaurants than you can realistically visit throughout Montreal.
  • Over the summer cyclists rely on Montreal’s well organized bike paths.

There are a few logistical concerns when moving, here are some Montreal essentials:

  • Hydro Quebec will help you get electricity turned for you in Montreal.
  • Montreal residents use the STM to get around the city.
  • You should check Montreal’s rental regulations, it’s better to be safe than sorry about your residence.
  • You can get a wide array on information on the Montreal City Hall
  • This great summary of internet service providers did the research for you on what’s available in Montreal.

Don’t hesitate to contact one of our moving coordinators with any questions. We can get started as soon as you are ready.

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