Moving to Montreal from Waterloo is a task that needs the best

Relocating your entire life to Montreal from Waterloo can feel overwhelming. We understand this, and our team of experienced movers has what it takes to make your move stress-free. There’s no time for mistakes or delays, we take every precaution to prioritize safety and efficiency. Our professional work ethic consistently allows us to maintain an exceptional quality standard when moving to Montreal from Waterloo. You are our priority.

Our movers offer respect and waste no time when moving you to Montreal from Waterloo. We know that travelling for over 6 hours requires the truck to be set up in a safe way. Our drivers understand how to navigate the roads that makes sure all your possessions arrive at their new home in one piece. We respect your privacy and want you to trust us to get you to Montreal from Waterloo. Montreal Movers comes with over 22 years in the business, and we have stayed here so long because our customers always come first.

Help comes in many forms

Anything you can think of related to moving is within our ability to deliver. We offer services for packing, cleaning and come with all the boxes and supplies you’ll need.

Available and accountable

Never again worry if the truck is going to come on time. We’ve got drivers heading back and forth between Waterloo and Montreal all the time. We’re always ready to help.

We keep you in mind

At the end of the day, we are there to get you moved to your new home. You are the priority and we never forget that as we help you relocate.

We want to take the pressure off you during your move to Montreal from Waterloo. Our team receives the best training and knows how get the job done safely. We don’t waste any time and have developed many tricks to optimize the moving process. We’ll adapt to your needs while we get all your possessions to Montreal from Waterloo in the condition they left in. Our drivers will take every precaution necessary and are comfortable navigating both cities. Montreal Movers aims to consistently exceed your expectations

If you find yourself without an opportunity to get started on your packing, then let us know. There are far more important things for you to take care of when moving to Montreal from Waterloo. We can get everything packed, then clean up the mess. We’ll organize the truck with top tier skill and safely drive it over to your new home. Once we get to Montreal from Waterloo, we’ll unpack everything and you only need to tell us where to put it. We’ve also got boxes, supplies and storage options available depending on your situation.

Our team is so comfortable with the route to Montreal from Waterloo that we also cover any of the surrounding areas. We can handle complicated jobs with multiple destinations and plan ahead to avoid any complications. We don’t only work with families, we also relocate businesses to Montreal from Waterloo. We are prepared to accommodate any sized task. Our extended resources allow us to always guarantee a successful move. You will come to trust Montreal Movers.

Leaving Waterloo to go to Montreal will be a big transition. Here’s some information about your new home:

  • The Bell Center hosts everything from the Montreal Canadians to major musical acts.
  • You can’t go anywhere in Montreal without seeing a diverse array of restaurants.
  • Between the museums and constant events there is always something to do in Montreal.
  • The Jazz Fest and Just For Laughs Festival are Montreal favourites, each one attracting the greats.
  • There is a diverse cultural history in Montreal making exploration a great way to spend a day.
  • Everyone in Montreal will assume you already know that it’s an island.
  • Because of its well-placed bike paths, Montreal has a huge cyclist community.

Below are some useful websites for when you arrive in Montreal.

  • Hydro Quebec is the power company you’ll need to contact.
  • Montreal’s STM has one of the best public transit systems in Canada.
  • Since you are going to Montreal, check out Quebec’s rental regulations.
  • The Montreal City Hall is the main hub for communication with residents.
  • Videotron and Bell are the folk you will need for internet.

Let us get to work planning your move. Contact one of our moving specialists at any time, and we’ll get to work.

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