There are many details to think about when moving to Montreal from Boston

As our name implies, Montreal Movers has plenty of experience with helping people get their possessions across the border. We’ve been working with people who are moving to Montreal from Boston for over 20 years. Our team wastes no time getting the truck loaded up and they always make sure it’s done securely. Our drivers take the necessary precautions to guarantee safety when moving to Montreal from Boston. We’ve got a checklist in place that we use to make sure nothing is accidently forgotten.

You can count on us to deal with the stress of driving 5 hours when moving to Montreal from Boston. We realize that this commitment requires you to put a lot of trust in us. We offer you our full respect and stay mindful of any privacy concerns you may have. When moving to Montreal from Boston we know that reputation carries far more weight than anything else. We use the best equipment and apply expert training practices to guarantee success.

Let us take deal with all the hidden chores

Whether you are running out of boxes or want to skip packing altogether, let us know. We can take care of that, bring any supplies you need and clean up the mess once you’re gone.

You can count on the schedule we’ll build together

We are well acquainted with each step of moving to Montreal from Boston. We’ll give you realistic predictions for when we’ll arrive. We won’t leave you stuck waiting on us.

We take your feedback extremely seriously

It’s through the words of the people who rely on our services that we can remain a competitive force. We value courtesy and respect as the core of our operation.

If you aren’t careful when moving to Montreal from Boston, you may end up needing to make a second trip. Considering it’s just over 300 miles, that can be a very costly thing to deal with. With Montreal Movers, that won’t happen. Each member of our team goes through a rigorous training program to ensure our quality remains up to par. We only use tenured employees when dealing with the kind of distance that comes with moving to Montreal from Boston. We know that trust is built by delivering on our promises, we look forward to proving that we can deliver.

We won’t deny that moving to Montreal from Boston is going to be a considerable undertaking. That’s why we can offer you any support you may need. Whether you need more boxes or you simply don’t want to deal with packing, we can handle all of it. We’ve got any supplies you’ll need and we’re happy to take care of any necessary cleaning. There’s plenty you need to deal with when moving to Montreal from Boston, let us deal with all these tasks. We will always respect your privacy and will make sure you know you are the priority.

We also help businesses with moving to Montreal and Kitchener, including any surrounding areas. We’ve got a network of resources in place to help companies of any size. Our coordinators are experts in staying on top of the complexities of moving to Montreal from Boston. We’ll give you a realistic plan of action that provides actionable information. We will remain accountable and transparent so that you think of us the next time you are relocating.

We thought sharing a few things about Montreal will help you transition from life in Boston:

  • You’ll be able to support the Bruins as they play the Montreal Canadians in the Bell Center.
  • In Montreal there are restaurants for nearly every style of cuisine.
  • You can wander around the Old Port of Montreal and always find great family friendly fun.
  • There are year-round festivals, many of them free, all throughout Montreal.
  • Montreal is full of historic monuments and you can discover nearly 400 years of culture.
  • From forests to waterfronts, Montreal is an extremely diverse place to live.
  • The mayor of Montreal has promised to expand the already vast network of bike paths.

Below you’ll find links to some helpful websites to check out when moving to Montreal:

  • Hydro Quebec is the company that manages electricity in Montreal.
  • In Montreal, the STM provides public transportation options for residents.
  • It’s worth checking out the rental regulations in Montreal so you remain aware and protected.
  • You can use the Montreal City Hall website to stay up to date with relevant news.
  • This internet service provider comparison will show you what’s available in Montreal.

You can always let us know if you have any questions at all. Our moving coordinators are ready to help you get started with planning without any delay.

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