Relocating to Burnaby from Montreal requires a reliable team

Our movers have over 22 years of experience with cross-country jobs, like moving to Burnaby from Montreal. We’ve developed a series of success-oriented processes to make sure your trust in us is well placed. We’ll keep the ship running, moving to Burnaby from Montreal, coordinating every step to optimize time. There is a lot of planning behind a move of this magnitude. We know what it takes to get your possessions across Canada safely.

We only use our top movers when going to Burnaby from Montreal. Our divers are veterans who will securely transport everything you own. We make sure to offer you full respect the entire time and your privacy is important to us. We know you need dependability when moving to Burnaby from Montreal. You can count on our qualified team to exceed your expectations.

Convenience can be yours

Having to figure out where you will find boxes or time to clean can be frustrating. Let us handle that for you. We can even take care of the packing for you.

Scheduling for success

We’ve helped many families with moving to Burnaby from Montreal. We understand how long each step takes, and we’ll help you create a realistic plan.

Our clients are who matters

We try to avoid the unpleasant reputation associated with most moving services. You are the priority, and we will always offer you our full respect.

Montreal Movers makes sure that we always put our best people on long-haul moves. Our professional movers will make sure to take every precaution when moving to Burnaby from Montreal. We respond to our customers and optimize our training to adapt to problems before they happen. We understand that moving to Burnaby from Montreal leaves little room for error. You are counting on our accuracy to make sure that you can continue your life uninterrupted. We want you to be excited with our team when we’re done so that you are sure to recommend us to others.

On top of moving your items to Burnaby from Montreal, we can help you with the behind the scenes work. We’ve got all the cleaning supplies you could need and cleaners to get everything tidied up once your stuff is gone. We can help you get everything packed up and deal with unpacking after we’re finished moving you to Burnaby from Montreal. We’ve got all the resources to handle any size move. We’ll help you find the best option to accommodate your unique circumstances. We’re connected to the best storage facilities ensuring a smooth transition for each leg of the journey.

We also cater to businesses who are moving to Burnaby from Montreal. Our specialists will work with your operations manager to determine an efficient course of action that fits your timeline. We will avoid unnecessary delays and keep you in the loop. We focus on remaining transparent and accountable because this is how things should be done.

Burnaby will be a big transition from Montreal, here’s some trivia about your western destination:

  • Burnaby is only 15 minutes away from downtown Vancouver.
  • There is a proud cyclist community in Burnaby and they have prepared a bike map for you.
  • The Playground of the Gods exhibit, located on Burnaby mountain, is worth visiting.
  • Burnaby has 4 sister cities including Kishiro, Japan and Mesa, Arizona.
  • There are multiple NCAA teams in Burnaby who play at Simon Fraser University.
  • Burnaby boasts one of the highest parkland to resident ratios in North America at 25% (over 200 parks).
  • The city motto is “By River and Sea Rise Burnaby”.

Below you’ll find the basics for life in Burnaby:

If you have any questions at all, our team is ready to answer them. Contact us now to start planning your cross-country move.

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