Relocating to Montreal from Mississauga?

It’s important to trust a reliable company when moving to Montreal from Mississauga. Packing your life into boxes and travelling almost 6 hours can be stressful, that’s where we come in. Our movers are experienced professionals with the knowledge required to get you to Montreal from Mississauga. We’ve got a vast set of resources and we can guarantee there will always be trucks at your disposal.

We’ve clocked more than 22 years of successful trips to Montreal from Mississauga. We accomplished this because we prioritize safety and privacy while efficiently handling your move.  Our team is respectful and understands that moving to Montreal from Mississauga is not easy. We’re prepared to simplify the process and let you focus on what happens after you are settled.

More than movers

We’ve got boxes and moving supplies. We can help you pack and clean up the old place and then unpack and set up your new home.

Always on the Road

Our trucks practically live on the road and this means we are available any time you need us.

Customer First Approach

We take pride in how residents of Mississauga and Montreal feel about our moving services. We know the importance of customer service.

Why should you choose Montreal Movers? Our dedicated team will get your boxes and furniture safely onto the truck and move it all to Montreal from Mississauga. Our drivers take every precaution to make sure everything arrives in one piece. We have over 22 years in the business establishing top tier strategies and training to maintain quality standards for when you work with us. We’ll take care of every step with regards to moving to Montreal from Mississauga.

We provide multiple options to manage the details of your move to Montreal from Mississauga. If you need help with packing or cleaning, we can take care of that for you. We can unpack your belongings and get you started that much quicker on the next chapter in your life. From our perspective, all you need to do is get yourselves over to Montreal and we’ll take of everything in Mississauga for you. Unlike your friends, we guarantee to get the job done.

We don’t just move people between Montreal and Mississauga. If you are located somewhere along the way, we accommodate moving jobs all over the region. This includes jobs with multiple destinations. Regardless of the task we will make sure it’s completed properly. We take on jobs of any size, from families to businesses. Trust the experts when moving to Montreal from Mississauga. We look forward to proving we are the quality movers you will come to depend on.

Crossing the provincial border to Montreal from Mississauga will come with changes. Here are some things you can Google to familiarize yourself with your new home:

  • Did you know that Montreal was an island?
  • The Bell Center is the home of the beloved Montreal Canadians.
  • Montreal offers restaurants with food from any culture you can think of.
  • We’d recommend brushing up on your French since it’s the official language of Montreal.
  • The Jazz Fest and Just for Laughs festival are huge Montreal attractions.
  • The Old Port of Montreal is a great family friendly place for an outing.
  • If you don’t like the weather, you can shop in Montreal’s famous Underground City.

It may be a huge transition for you and your family, the links below can help you when you get to Montreal.

  • Hydro Quebec is who you want to talk to get your power turned on.
  • Use the STM to access busses and metros around Montreal.
  • Learn about rental regulations so you can stay up to date in your new province.
  • Learn more general information at the Montreal City Hall
  • The main internet providers are Videotron and Bell.

We are excited to help you with your move. Don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our moving coordinators with any questions.

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