We’ll get you to Oakville from Montreal

There is a lot to consider when moving to Oakville from Montreal. Packing the truck to travel more than 5 hours is not the same as a quick trip across the island. Our movers are vigilant and attentive, guaranteeing a safe delivery of your possessions to Oakville from Montreal. We’re comfortable with this route and understand how to plan for any circumstance. We pride ourselves on our professional work ethic and ability to guarantee success.

We’re ready to make your life easier since moving to Oakville from Montreal can be an overwhelming idea. We’ve been at this for over two decades. Our vast experience helps us remain a trustworthy option for your relocation. We’ve got the equipment, training and resources necessary to get you to Oakville from Montreal. Our mission is to make sure you don’t have to deal with the details.

Any service you need

From boxes to cleaning supplies, we have all that you need for your move. We can pack it all, handle the heavy lifting and anything else you think of.

When are you moving?

We’re always heading to Oakville from Montreal and back, simply tell us when to show up. We’re available when your schedule requires it.

Professional work ethic

Our reputation is based on our ability to follow through on our promises. We’ll make sure you don’t have any responsibilities along the way.

Montreal Movers has a dedicated team who understands what goes into a long-distance job. Our drivers know all the tricks to quickly get you to Oakville from Montreal. They understand how to travel the roads with all your household goods remaining secure and intact. Our movers undergo intensive training to ensure they are prepared to help you move to Oakville from Montreal with a consistent degree of excellent quality. We want you to be so impressed with our services you will actually want to tell your friends about us.

It won’t only be because we helped you with moving to Oakville from Montreal. You’ll be able to tell them we took care of all your packing/unpacking. After you left we cleaned up any mess leaving you with even less to do. You’ll let them know we had all the supplies to guarantee both safety and privacy, especially when you weren’t sure if you had enough boxes. We want to make sure you aren’t distracted from what happens after we get you to Oakville from Montreal.

If you are in one of the towns near Oakville or Montreal, don’t hesitate to let us know. We have optimized our process to ensure we can easily accommodate any kind of moving job. We can handle multiple stops if you are moving to Oakville from Montreal. It’s not only families who rely on our skilled movers, but companies of all shapes and sizes. Let us know how big your move is, we’ll start planning the best approach to take.

We wanted to tell you a bit more about your life in Oakville, since Montreal is quite different:

  • The Oakville Blue Devils are a recognized professional team of the Canada Soccer League.
  • There are two sister cities for Oakville, Dorval in Quebec and Neyagawa in Japan.
  • Oakville is part of the GTA, it’s 30 km from downtown Toronto.
  • Environment Canada claims that Oakville has the best weather in the country.
  • It’s less than an hour from Oakville to the USA border.
  • Amazon has made it clear Oakville is the 4th most romantic place in Canada.
  • Oakville is also home to many regional and national head offices like The Weather Network or Tim Hortons.

Below is our Oakville cheat sheet for when you first arrive.

Our moving specialists are always available to help you get started. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

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