If you’re from a city like Montreal, moving to a massive city like New York can appear to be intimidating and inconvenient. With a population about five times larger than the home of the Canadiens, the Yankees household is a lot to take in initially, but after a short adjustment period you’ll never want to leave. We’ve been moving people across the border for many years, and since New York City is such a popular destination, we’ve been there a lot. If you have some concerns, let us help you out with some of the most frequently asked questions and valuable Big Apple living tips.

Getting Around

If traffic is your worst enemy, consider selling your car before you get to New York City.
Even if you love driving and don’t mind heavy traffic that much, you’ll have to contend with the exaggerated parking costs and inevitable parking tickets. New York is very well interconnected by an efficient public transit system, taxis, and affordable ridesharing apps such as Uber, Lyft, Gett, Juno, and Via. Fortunately, with the help of Google Maps, City Mapper, and the Transit App, you’ll easily find your way around. Bonus: You won’t look like a lost tourist with a large map standing in the middle of the sidewalk getting sassy looks from locals.

Less is More

The lack of space in NYC extends to your apartment as well, where you’ll find that less clutter is more happiness. You need to take this into consideration as you’re packing up, being wary of what to keep and what to sell, give, or throw away. If you’re attached to certain items but don’t want to bring them because of their size, weight, or lack of usage, rent a locker or storage unit.

Elevator Reservations

Many don’t know this until it’s too late, but many apartment buildings in New York City that have elevators also have a schedule for moving times. During heavy traffic times, you might not be able to use the elevator, so make sure to call your building in advance to reserve the elevator and figure out what time is best for you to show up. Think about how long it will take you to pack up, load the truck, and drive to the building before calling.

Become a New Yorker

New Yorkers are renowned for being direct and assertive. They always know what they want, because everyone has somewhere to go and someone to meet with little time to spare. It’s a fast-paced atmosphere which you will get used to over time – like knowing what to order before you get to the cash. Simultaneously, New Yorkers are interesting, passionate people who all have unique identities and hobbies. Whatever yours are, you can be certain that you’ll find a niche somewhere in the city and a group that shares your love for it. It will help ground you and fall in love with New York.

If you’ve made the decision to pick up and move to NYC for love, work, and a change of scenery, give the professionals a call at Montreal Movers. We will undertake the packing, heavy lifting, and driving to the Big Apple for you.