For some people, leaving their treasured indoor plants behind during a major move is out of the question. Some houseplants, like bonsais, orchids, and rare cacti are not only expensive, but may have also taken years to cultivate. While we do suggest downsizing the amount of plants you’ll be transporting from old house to new, here are some tips on how to make sure your indispensable indoor garden survives the journey.

Consider the Temperature

Plants need to be treated differently depending on the season. No matter what the month, your plants will likely go into shock when their environment suddenly changes from the bright and comfortable spot in your house to a shaky, dark box. Preparing your plants before the move will mitigate this shock.

If your move is scheduled for the winter, the most important thing to remember is that they must stay warm and dry. Water your plants three days before moving to ensure that the soil is well-drained. Line your moving box with newspaper for insulation and gently place newspaper on top of the box to avoid cold and wind.

For summer moves, the biggest problem plants face is desiccation and wilting. Make sure to water your plants the night before or the morning of your move so that the soil has enough time to drain but still remains moist. For particularly hot days, it might be helpful to spray your plants with water every hour or so to ensure they don’t dry out. Park your car in the shade away from the sun to avoid overheating.

Transport your precious plants in the passenger seat of your car to regulate the temperature and ensure their safety.

Trimming Branches

Moving plants is awkward. Branches and leaves stick out at odd angles, making it difficult to pack and easy for them to topple over. Consider pruning your more leafy or larger plants to maximize space and minimize potential disaster. Plus, pruning your stems will encourage healthy new growth and make your plants seem fuller.

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