We have quite a long list of details to worry about in preparation for a residential move. Will the movers arrive on time? Do we have enough helping hands to perform all the heavy lifting? Will our large pieces of furniture fit through the narrow halls? And the most common: Will our fragile merchandise make it in one piece?
Professional movers will guarantee all of these aspects are taken care of, and experienced professional movers will do their best to pack your breakables and transport them in the safest way possible. Whether you insist on doing your own packing or keeping an eye on the movers you’ve hired, here are some ways to ensure your delicate items arrive at your destination safely:


There are often the most difficult to pack. They are so fragile that one poorly packed plate might break the instant it is placed in the moving truck. The trick to packing dishes is simple: paper—and lots of it! In fact, you can’t have too much. Start by layering the bottom of the box with crumped up packing paper or newspaper (if you don’t have packing paper). Plates and bowls should be placed on their side—not flat. Wrap your plate and bowls with multiple layers and ensure the spaces in the box between each item are also stuffed with balls of paper. Leave no wiggle room.

Cups & Glasses

This probably goes without saying, but it’s import that the heavier objects are packed at the bottom of the box, and the lighter ones are placed on top; so any heavier mugs would go at the bottom. Cups and glasses should be individually wrapped and loaded standing up, so as tempting as it is to fit them in between the cracks horizontally, it’s best not to.


Electronics such as game consoles, record players, and computers can be packed inside a regular large box. Wrap each piece in its own paper pad before placing it, and like any other packed item, make sure you’ve laid out enough paper in between.

You can use bubble wrap or newspaper for most of your items. You can even use old towels, small blankets, but it’s always best to use reliable packing paper from professional movers; newsprint rubs dirt on your items and blankets tend to slip around, failing to keep items secure.

Lastly, be sure to mark “FRAGILE” in large block bold letters on all the proper boxes. You and your movers will be thankful when it comes time to loading and unloading the truck.

You can trust Montreal Movers to use the right materials and transport all your items safely. Contact us today for a free quote!