Moving day is creeping closer and closer, and no matter how much you hate the idea, you’re going to have to deal with packing your life into cardboard boxes. Packing is one of the major stress factors of any move, so making sure you do it the right way will save you from major disaster—not to mention back pain—down the road. Before you even assemble your first box, read these pro packing tips.

For the Avid Book Collector

Books are often the very first things to end up in a box because they are easy and ready to pack and won’t likely be needed during that time. Since most of us are pretty gung-ho about packing in the beginning stages, we have a tendency to want to shove as many books into a box as possible, without considering just how quickly the weight can add up. Mass paperback novels are typically light, but hardcover or special edition books get heavy really fast. Shoving your entire bookshelf into a couple of boxes is a fast ticket to lower back pain. There’s a better way.

Tips for Packing Books:

-First and foremost, take inventory of what you own and give away books that you can live without. Shedding the load will make your move a whole lot easier.
-Pack the heaviest books on the bottom and fill the rest with lighter paperbacks.
-Use only small boxes to pack your books as this prevents them from getting too heavy.

For the Lazy Labeller

So you’ve just taped up your box, wrote “bedroom” along the side, and shoved it on top of your other similarly named boxes. While indicating the room on the box is a great start, it’s not exactly helpful when you get to your new home and start looking for that one thing you need before anything else. Let’s face it, unpacking happens in stages, and lazily-labelled boxes means we have to rip open every box just to find the things we need or want to unpack first.

Tips for Labelling Boxes:

-Underneath the name of the room, write down the main items in the box, which will allow you to make a quick inventory without ripping anything open.
-Use wide-tipped permanent marker.
-Write FRAGILE on every side of the box for delicate items.
-If you want to get really organized, number your boxes to indicate which ones should be opened first.

For The Tangled Techie

The sheer amount of electronics the average household uses is staggering. Old houses only have one or two outlets per room, whereas new builds feature at least one on every wall. Yes, we have A LOT of stuff that plugs in, turns on, and lights up. Which means that getting your wires tangled, lost or damaged is almost too easy. For your upcoming move, do yourself an enormous favour and don’t shove a ball of miscellaneous black wires into a box.

Tips for Packing Wires:

-Before disassembling anything complicated, like the back of your TV, take a picture of the wire setup for easy reinstallation.
-If your electronic has a detachable wire, remove it. Otherwise, tie it around the base of the electronic and tape it snugly.
-Tie all loose wires into a figure 8 and secure them with a rubber band.
-Using masking tape or something similar, label all wires as you pack them.
-Don’t throw out any mystery wires until everything is unpacked and installed in your new home and everything is accounted for.

The key to experiencing a stress-free move is to not overlook the small details. These small acts of organization and planning will make a huge difference to your big day. Contact Montreal Movers today to discuss your big move.