Computers are fragile equipment that we depend on in our everyday life. During a move, it is of upmost importance that they arrive on time and intact to the new location.

If you are moving homes or offices, there is a certain way you can prepare and pack your computer for a move. Whether you have a computer or a laptop, the first thing you need to do is back up all your important files into an external hard drive or burn them into data CDs. Burning files onto CDs may be time consuming, so it is best that you invest in a good quality hard drive that will prove useful over the years.

If you own a desktop computer, unplug all the cables, external drives and other peripheral devices. Place the cables and other hardware in bags or boxes and keep them close by.

If you do not have the original box your laptop or desktop computer came in, you can ask your mover to provide you with boxes, styrofoam inserts, bubble wrap and other protective fillers.

Cushion the computer with packing material so it does not shift around inside the box and potentially damage the hard drive and motherboard. Make sure the box is tightly taped shut and mark the outside as “fragile.”

If you own a light laptop, it is best that you pack it safely and take it with you when you travel by car. This gives you more control and ease of mind and there is less of a chance the computer will get lost in the jumble of unpacking.

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