Nothing is more disappointing than unpacking your belongings after a move to find that something was broken along the way. Delicate items such as glassware, ceramics and antiques are more likely to experience damage during a move so it’s important to make sure those items are well protected before boxing them up.

The most important things to remember when packing delicate items is to take your time and use all the proper tools. If you rush your packing job, you may end up cramming things into boxes last-minute and that kind of pressure can damage your breakable possessions. Without packing paper, bubble wrap, and sturdy boxes, packing becomes much more difficult and less secure. Here are some more tips and tricks for packing delicate items on moving day.


Pack plates vertically in a medium-sized box, using crumpled packing paper to insulate the top and bottom, and stuffing packing paper between each plate to secure them in place. Before packing, wrap each plate individually in bubble wrap and seal the wrapping with tape.


Similar to plates, make sure you wrap each glass individual and line the insides with crumpled packing paper to diminish interior space and prevent the glass from shattering inwards while in transit. When placing the glasses into your box, place the heavier ones on the bottom and lighter ones on the top.

Picture Frames

If frames are under 8 inches when standing, pack them similarly to plates with packing paper wrapped around each frame and then frames placed vertically in a row into the box, with packing paper in between each frame. Place additional packing paper on top of the frames to ensure they don’t move around when you seal the box.

With the right care and preparation, you can ensure that your delicate items stay safe on moving day. If you need assistance packing your fragile items for a big move, the professional team at Montreal Movers provide experts packing services to help you in your moving preparations. For more information about our moving services, including packing assistance and relocations, contact us today at Montreal Movers.