How to Pack Your Breakables Safely

We have quite a long list of details to worry about in preparation for a residential move. Will the movers arrive on time? Do we have enough helping hands to perform all the heavy lifting? Will our large pieces of furniture fit through the narrow halls? And the most common: Will our fragile merchandise make [...]

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Relocating? – The Top 5 Tips for Moving to NYC

If you’re from a city like Montreal, moving to a massive city like New York can appear to be intimidating and inconvenient. With a population about five times larger than the home of the Canadiens, the Yankees household is a lot to take in initially, but after a short adjustment period you’ll never want [...]

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Mentally Preparing for a Long Distance Move

If you are in the midst of moving across the country or the continent, it is easy to get wrapped up in the logistics of it all—visa and immigration paperwork, organizing your belongings, and stressing about your pets. These concerns often take over and your future mental health is easily overlooked. Remember that you are [...]

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Tips for a Successful Long Distance Move

Sometimes, life presents you with a twist of fate so strong that it makes you want to pick up and move to the other side of the continent. Love in California? Work opportunities in New York City? Weather in Miami? Whatever the case may be, it might seem like a difficult, expensive, and lengthy process, [...]

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Making Your Move Cat-Friendly

Before your big move, it is important to plan out how you are going to move your pets. Cats are not usually comfortable with sudden change, and while you may have known for months that you are moving out, your feline friend will only find out on moving day. With a bumpy ride and new [...]

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How to Prepare Your Potted Plants for the Big Move

For some people, leaving their treasured indoor plants behind during a major move is out of the question. Some houseplants, like bonsais, orchids, and rare cacti are not only expensive, but may have also taken years to cultivate. While we do suggest downsizing the amount of plants you’ll be transporting from old house to new, [...]

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Tips and Tricks for Packing Delicate Items for Moving Day

Nothing is more disappointing than unpacking your belongings after a move to find that something was broken along the way. Delicate items such as glassware, ceramics and antiques are more likely to experience damage during a move so it’s important to make sure those items are well protected before boxing them up. The most important [...]

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Common Moving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Moving can be an exciting way to make a fresh start, but preparing for a big move isn’t always the most fun or stress-free activity. Without the proper planning, moving can produce much more anxiety than necessary. Make your next move as smooth as possible through careful planning and foresight. Here are just a few [...]

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