Top Packing Tips for Your Clothes When Moving

The days of stuffing all your clothes in an enormous trash bag when moving are long gone. You need to give them some care, and this starts by packing them properly. Below are some valuable packing tips for clothing. Sort Carefully Before you even start using packing boxes and suitcases, start by sorting your clothes. [...]

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When is the best time of year to move?

There are usually off-seasons and busy seasons for just about every industry, including the moving business. Busy seasons mean lots of people are trying to find new homes, and will equal higher rates and the need for reservations further in advance. Conversely, rates are nearly always lower in the off-season and you'll be able to [...]

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Getting to Know Your Neighbors after a Move

You’ve sorted all your belongings, packed them and labeled them. You’ve changed your address for your tax forms, your cellphone bill, your work address, your hydro bill, etc. You’ve started to put your home together and the end is almost in sight. What’s missing? New friends of course! Good Neighbors If you’re lucky, somebody has [...]

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Tips for Moving Electronics

Electronics are perhaps some of the most difficult items to pack and move. Not only are the items fragile and expensive, but you also have to worry about sensitivity to heat or cold and reassembling them once you get to the other side. In many cases, moving electronics is a job best left to professional [...]

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Why It’s Important to Hire Professional Movers

Here are a few things that professional movers do better than cheap amateur companies, and why professional movers help you in the long run. Professional movers know how to handle fragile belongings Fragile items aren’t just nice things that can break easily, chances are they are family heirlooms that you can’t put a price on. [...]

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3 things to do right after you’ve moved

Moving can be stressful, but completing the move itself is just the beginning of a new set of issues for you. Here are 3 things you should do right after you’ve moved to help get the ball rolling in your new location. Update your address information You need to make sure important mail is sent [...]

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What You Need to Know about Moving in Low Season

We’re now in the thick of winter which means we’ve fully transitioned into the off-peak moving season. Moving during this season has a host of advantages: you could save money, increase your chances of even better service (than usual!), save yourself some time and save a hassle. Here is a closer look into the advantages [...]

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Relocating for Work? Helpful Tips for a Stress-Free Move

After weeks or even months of interviews, you have finally received that long-awaited promotion. The problem? You will have to relocate for your new position. Although relocating for a job is a positive, exciting time, it can also be very stressful. On one hand, you have been recognized as a valuable asset to your office [...]

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Moving with small children

Moving homes can be hectic, especially when kids are involved. This is why Montreal Movers has set up this following guideline on how parents and adults should deal with children before and on moving day. From our experience as professional movers, we have found that things always turn out better when the children are fully [...]

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